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Our perimeter protection solutions are the safest, most technologically advanced in the market. These indicative systems allow us to convert any conventional physical barrier into an intelligent system that can pinpoint the exact location where a suspected breach is happening.

Conventional Perimeters, Intelligent Systems

Our perimeter solutions are the perfect add-on that your physical barrier needs. Having just a mesh fence or concertina coils is not enough. With our solutions you will increase the safety of your locations and be able pinpoint exact spot of breach attempts.

Nowadays, the security of a location is concentrated in the access points by installing CCTV cameras, access controls, security guards and other systems. This means that access points draw all the attention leaving physical perimeters vulnerable.

The systems we offer are a great solution to this problem, by safely and efficiently increasing security levels and enabling to pinpoint breach attempts. Such systems are harmless, they do not create any current or similar threats for people, and no false alerts exist as they can be fine-tuned to the requirements of the location.


  • Increased security of your locations
  •  Install in any conventional physical barrier
  • Pinpoint the exact location of a breach
  •  Automated reaction services

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